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The Reform and Development of Dance Teaching in Colleges in the New Situation -- Some Thoughts on Dance Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.107


Lusi Huang

Corresponding Author

Lusi Huang


In the teaching of college dance Liyuan Opera Kebu, Liyuan opera Kebu teaching has always been considered as an important part of college dance teaching, with non-stop use and practice. However, the only deficiency is the failure of integrating Liyuan Opera Kebu dance teaching into college dance teaching. Therefore, based on the subject, this paper analyses the problems in college dance Liyuan Opera Kebu teaching, and further discusses the countermeasures and suggestions in the teaching of Liyuan Opera Kebu dance in colleges, so as to promote its normative progress, and promote the dance teaching in colleges to achieve greater success.


College dance, Liyuan opera teaching, problems, countermeasures.