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A Preliminary Exploration of Robotics Ethics in China from Cross-Cultural Perspective

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DOI: 10.25236/memssr.2021.016


Ruohong Zhang

Corresponding Author

Ruohong Zhang


Robotics culture is often influenced by multiple factors, including ethical concepts, science fiction culture, and modernization processes. Among them, ethical concepts and science fiction culture are the most important. This is because ethical concepts set the tone of robotics culture while science fiction culture is its main driving force. The research contents, methods, and ideas of cross-cultural robotics are interdisciplinary. However, we usually define artificial intelligence as a technological change, while ignoring the changed of human cognitive and cultural dimensions brought about by the robots themselves. “The Society of Human-Robot symbiotic and cooperative" is no longer a purely future-oriented concept. Due to different religious traditions and different understandings, Japanese, European and American societies have gradually developed a unique ethical robotics culture. In China, due to the lack of a modern robotics tradition, a local robotics culture has not yet been formed. However, China must establish its own robotics ethics, by integrating traditional Chinese ethics. Which is expected to stimulate international debates on robotic ethics.


Robotics ethics, robot science fiction, robot pension