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The present situation and future business analysis of Michelle Ice City

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DOI: 10.25236/memssr.2021.013


Kunhe Yang

Corresponding Author

Kunhe Yang


Michelle Ice City is one of the most famous milk tea brands in China, which is very popular among Chinese people. However, with the development of domestic milk tea industry in recent years, there are more and more emerging milk tea brands and diversified products. Therefore, the product competitiveness of Michelle Ice City needs to be improved urgently. In order to improve the attractiveness of Michelle Ice City to customers and increase the market share of Michelle Ice City, students who like to taste milk tea are selected as the target group through a series of analysis. After that, this paper analyzed and studied students' attitudes towards taste and price of milk tea by means of questionnaire survey and network survey. Meanwhile, it is proposed that Michelle Ice City can launch a series of full reduction activities, savings activities, and constantly launch new products to attract attention. Finally, product marketing is carried out through reasonable pricing, celebrity endorsement, online and offline parallel channels. To sum up, the student market has great imagination for Michelle Ice City, which can become one of the directions of future development.


Students, novel, cost performance, activities