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An Analysis of Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Australian Tertiary Education

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DOI: 10.25236/memssr.2021.011


Zhenger Li

Corresponding Author

Zhenger Li


This article investigates the impacts of the covid-19 pandemic on Australian tertiary education. By focusing on short-run analysis and using demand-driven models, the article studied the reasons behind the negative impacts of the pandemic on the sector from early 2020. Then the article forecasts the short-term situation considering several key factors. Meanwhile, various exogenous factors other than the pandemic were discussed. It is concluded that the closure of the national border and substitution effects led to the significant demand shock of the market, and such impacts are likely to last until the end of 2021. However, the situation is likely to improve significantly from 2022 with the control of the virus and several policies to provide positive incentives.


Covid-19 pandemic, Australian tertiary education, Demand-side analysis, Short-run impacts