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The retrospect and prospect of Chinese Bancasurrance industry

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DOI: 10.25236/memssr.2021.007


Mengxin Lin

Corresponding Author

Mengxin Lin


Bancassurance began in 1996 and gradually evolved from the initial agreement to a strategic alliance. With the development of global economic integration,The Bancasurrance have been more competitive than common financial industry. At present, China's insurance market is experiencing the development stage of incomplete economy, immaturity of insurance industry and unsound financial system.In the essay, it analyzes the different development steps of Bancassurance, illustrating the motivates, operation models, Current situation and the hidden risk.In the end,some solution from micro and macro levels are put forward. As the Bancassurance is developing rapidly, the research about Bancassurance industry has a urgent demand to be completed and strengthened.Therefore,the essay aims in Bancassurance industry, which can provide some ideas with others on the exploration of Bancassurance industry.


Bancasurrance industry, China, retrospect and prospect