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Application of virtual simulation technology in Physical Education

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DOI: 10.25236/memssr.2021.005


Liping Chen, Kai Wang, Yufu Wei, Nan Zhang

Corresponding Author

Kai Wang


VR simulation technology mainly simulates the real environment through a variety of perceptual abilities such as touch, vision and hearing, and physical education teaching just needs the joint participation of students' multiple senses. This paper mainly integrates the characteristics of VR technology and the characteristics of physical education teaching process itself to strengthen the application of sports intensity and load in VR physical education teaching simulation system. The experimental teaching of sports human body science has some problems such as space and instruments and equipment in the traditional teaching mode. The introduction of virtual reality technology can effectively improve the teaching environment and improve students' learning interest, which has high potential application value for realizing the purpose of practical teaching. Starting from the practicability of virtual reality technology, this paper studies its application in the experimental teaching of sports human body science.


Virtual reality, Physical education, Human movement, computer simulation