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Tibetan Literature Translation from Eco-Environment Perspective

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DOI: 10.25236/ermss.2021.052


Yuan Li

Corresponding Author

Yuan Li


In this study, the concept of Cronin's eco-translation and Hu's eco- environment of translation are drawn upon, as developed for the eco-translatology, extending and applying the concept to the study of Tibetan literature translation. The point is made by focusing on Hu's adaptation and selection in literature translation, which he describes metaphorically as the eco-balance between the elements of all participants in the translation process. The analytical approach involved the three systems of “ST- translator-TT”, “translational ecosystem-translator-translation” and “writer-translator-reader” that enabled the issues in Tibetan literature translation to be discussed by presenting the example of the translation of the epic King Gesar. In later analysis, the author uses the case to identify the role of the translator and cohesion with TT and the other elements in the environment. Through analysis of King Gesar's successful diffusion, the harmonious relationship between the translator and other elements help illustrate the points of eco-paradigm of translation.


Tibetology, Literature translation, Eco-translatology, Translator-centered