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Research on the Color Aesthetic Characteristics of Chinese Folk Art Based on the Cultivation of Creativity

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DOI: 10.25236/ermss.2021.048


Xuedi Guo

Corresponding Author

Xuedi Guo


Chinese national culture has a long history. After thousands of years of precipitation, Chinese folk art carries the inheritance of Chinese civilization and thought for nearly a thousand years, and it is also the concrete embodiment of the aesthetics of the Chinese nation for thousands of years. Folk art color affects the composition of the whole national art color. It not only has high aesthetic value, but also contains profound historical culture, thought, philosophy, national psychology, folk customs and so on. In the practice of folk art, we should focus on grasping the dual connotation and value of color. We should not only continuously improve the aesthetic value of folk art color, but also pay attention to the expression of cultural connotation behind folk art color, so as to make it have both visual beauty and profound cultural meaning. This paper expounds the aesthetic characteristics and value of Chinese folk art color, puts forward the cultivation path of creativity in aesthetic education, and further explains the important role of Chinese folk art in the development of Chinese history and culture. Thus, it shows the unique charm of folk art.


Cultivation of creativity, Chinese folk art, Research on color characteristics