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Analysis on the Measurement of High-Tech Industry Technological Innovation Efficiency from the Perspective of Absorptive Capacity

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DOI: 10.25236/ermss.2021.046


Yajian Zhan

Corresponding Author

Yajian Zhan


In the era of knowledge economy, vigorously developing high-tech industries has become a strategic choice for China to seize the commanding heights of the new round of international competition. Regional technological innovation capability, as the export base of technology needed for the development of high-tech industries, plays an irreplaceable role in the development of high-tech industries. Technology absorption has become a key factor affecting regional economic competitiveness. With abundant external technical resources and increasingly market-oriented technology transfer and transaction, how to improve the technological innovation capability of industry and the actual competitiveness of regional economy by strengthening the technological absorption capability of industry, including technology acquisition, storage, learning and transformation, has become an important content of studying industrial and regional technological progress. From the perspective of absorptive capacity theory, this paper puts forward a method to measure the technological innovation efficiency of high-tech industries from the perspectives of technological innovation resource support capacity, technological innovation input capacity and technological innovation output capacity, which provides decision-making basis for comprehensively improving the technological innovation capacity of China's high-tech industries.


High tech industry, Technological innovation, Knowledge economy