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Analysis of Realism and Modernism of Hardy's Novels from the Perspective of Literary Ethics

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DOI: 10.25236/ermss.2021.041


Yuan LV

Corresponding Author

Yuan LV


Thomas Hardy is a famous English poet and novelist, and he is also one of the few writers who spanned two centuries in the history of English literature. In the process of the development of modernity, Hardy's tragic art shows the great pain brought by modern civilization, which has a strong modernist literary color. Hardy's tragic novels have the flavor of modern literature. The anti-social tendency, alienation and anxiety about human destiny reflected in modern literature are the keynote of Hardy's tragic novels. Hardy's works not only inherit and carry forward the traditional literary features of Victorian era, but also create modernist literature. Based on the perspective of literary ethics, this paper discusses the modernist factors in Hardy's realistic novels, so that more people can understand the thought-provoking, philosophical and practical contents in his works, in order to pay homage to the British writer who spanned two centuries.


Thomas hardy, Realism, Modernism