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Product Strategy and Enterprise Innovation in the Internet Economy

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DOI: 10.25236/ermss.2021.039


Lichong Ju

Corresponding Author

Lichong Ju


Today, with the increasing popularity of the Internet, in order to make the products produced by enterprises effectively meet the diversified and personalized needs of consumers, enterprises must innovate the traditional marketing strategies combined with the Internet. Strategy innovation includes product innovation, price innovation, distribution and promotion strategy innovation, etc. Influenced by various factors in the process of development, enterprises can't position and reform scientifically and effectively. How to make good use of Internet media and technology to provide powerful support and guarantee for marketing work needs deep thinking and exploration. This paper mainly discusses the product marketing strategy and application in the Internet age, and thinks and looks forward to its innovative development, combining with the current situation and development needs of product marketing in the Internet age. Enterprises must pay attention to the good interaction between enterprise websites and product users and consumers, and pay attention to the safety of marketing and related issues of product distribution in the process of network marketing strategy innovation.


Product marketing, Innovation, Internet