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Financial Analysis of e-Commerce in the Development of Carbon Economy

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DOI: 10.25236/ermss.2021.038


Kaiyi Cao

Corresponding Author

Kaiyi Cao


Commercial low-carbon is the embodiment of low-carbon concept in concrete business, for example, logistics, service and other industries reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency in the process of service, so as to achieve the purpose of low carbon. E-finance innovation is the financial innovation under e-commerce, which is mainly reflected in the innovation of financial instruments such as e-money, e-banking, e-payment, online insurance and online securities, financial technology innovation, financial business innovation, financial institution innovation, financial market innovation and the resulting financial strategy innovation and financial system innovation, etc., and promotes the financialization development of e-commerce. As an electronic transaction activity based on information technology, e-commerce can give full play to its advantages as a tool to connect finance and enterprises outside finance under the background of Internet finance. Based on the analysis of the problems, this paper puts forward some suggestions to promote the healthy development of e-commerce financialization.


Development of carbon economy, E-commerce, Financialization