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Application of Cooperative Learning Theory in Comprehensive English Course Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.103


Zhang Ying

Corresponding Author

Zhang Ying


The teaching effect of comprehensive English courses has a significant influence on basic language skills of students of English major. How to cultivate and improve students’ comprehensive application ability and give full play to the advantages of comprehensive English courses is important for college English teaching and is a problem in urgent need of solution at present. The teaching strategy of cooperative learning centers around students, attaches importance to the cooperation between teachers and students, gives full play to students’ autonomy and initiative, stresses positive mutual support and cooperation between students, pays attention to giving play to each student's enthusiasm, cultivates students' leading role, independent learning ability and team cooperation spirit, provides opportunities for students of different levels to actively participate in learning and experience success, promotes communication and exchange between students, deeply exploits individual potentials, and meets their learning needs, so as to achieve the requirements for cultivation of students’ comprehensive English skills as provided in the teaching syllabus for English major in colleges and universities.


Cooperative Learning, comprehensive English skills, cultivation.