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A Comparative Study of Female Images in Chinese and Korean Novels

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DOI: 10.25236/ermss.2021.026



Corresponding Author



In the early twentieth century, the thought Western women’s liberation movement entered China and South Korea. Numerous women were gradually affected by the new style of education, and their consciousness began to sprout. On account of the similarities between China and South Korea concerning social background and the writer’s life experience, there remain quite amounts of commonalities in their creative works. It was during this period that Zhang Ailing and Cui Zhenxi embarked on writing. With abundant emotion, they created in their works various images of women, incisively and vividly reflecting the social environment, as well as the social reality of contemporary men’s oppression, domination and exploitation towards women. By comparing the female images in Zhang Ailing and Cui Zhenxi’s works, this essay aims to seek the similarities and differences, and explores the self-recovery nature of women as human beings, searching a direction for women to regain their homologous social status.


Chinese and korean novels, Female images, Comparative research, Zhang ailing, Cui zhenxi