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Curriculum reform and thinking of preliminary design of Architecture Specialty Based on the requirements of large-scale enrollment and first-class curriculum construction——Take students as the center and improve professional cognition as the goal

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DOI: 10.25236/ermss.2021.020


Huilin Wang, Mengqi Wu, Zhichen Tang

Corresponding Author

Huilin Wang


Under the policy background of large-scale enrollment and first-class curriculum construction, with the goal of improving professional cognition, this paper has carried out the teaching reform of the preliminary design course of Architecture Specialty in our college, and formed a "3 + X + 1" cognitive model to promote knowledge cognition, value cognition and goal cognition; The "core + two key points" structure is used to associate and optimize the teaching content, and the reform measures and ways to guide and promote the involvement of virtual simulation technology in teaching are based on the "design experiment" concept and the "mutual learning" mode of school enterprise linkage, grade linkage and class linkage. At the same time, the teaching effect of curriculum reform is investigated in the form of questionnaire, which highlights the problems and contradictions in teaching reform. Through the survey data, the causes of the above problems are analyzed, the enlightenment is obtained, and the countermeasures are put forward.


General enrollment, first-class curriculum construction, professional cognition, teaching reform