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Analysis of the integration of good Chinese traditional culture in the context of curriculum thinking and politics

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DOI: 10.25236/ermss.2021.016


Ran Zheng

Corresponding Author

Ran Zheng


Theteaching of language courses in higher education is not only concerned with the transfer of knowledge and skills, but also involves the cultivation of socialist core values, so it is very important to integrate ideological and political education into language classroom teaching, which isthe key basis and effective way toimplementthe teaching of "curriculum thinking and politics", and the infiltration of traditional culture is one of the Teachers should pay attention to this, actively integrate the essence of traditional culture in higher vocational language teaching, effectively enrich the educational resources and broaden the educational space, so as to better promote the integration of ideological and political education and language teaching, so as to implement the goal of curriculum thinking and political teaching. This paper makes a relevant study on this, firstly, it gives a brief introduction to curriculum thinking politics, and then discusses the actual situation of language teaching in higher education with theThe teaching strategies of integrating the excellent Chinese traditional culture into the language classroom in the context of curriculum thinking and politics. The aim can be to promote the reform of language curriculum teaching while promoting the effective implementation of ideological education, so that students can achieve better learning and development.


Higher education language, curriculum thinking, thinking education, traditional culture, teaching reform