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Research On the Normative Change of Chinese Rural Bride Price and The Improvement of Negotiation Strategies from The Perspective of Social Change

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DOI: 10.25236/ermss.2021.013


Yukun Feng, Tong Zhang, Yiyuan Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yiyuan Zhang


This paper mainly expounds the historical origin and derivative problems of bride price in rural China. Chinese bride price originally meant a beautiful custom. However, with the development of society, the material significance of bride price gradually exceeded the spiritual significance. By combining the emergence of this custom in China, we can explore its deep meaning and remove the distorted meaning given by today's society. In view of the historical and current development, we can find corresponding negotiation skills to reach reasonable bride price negotiation. Nowadays, many families in rural areas have contradictions and disputes due to bride price negotiation and may even cancel marriage. Our purpose is to rationalize bride price negotiation by using negotiation skills, so as to essentially help solve the economic burden caused by bride price in rural China, Population imbalance, pension hidden dangers and other problems. Moreover, this paper expounds the operability of the theory in combination with specific practice, and constantly adjusts the negotiation methods and processes in combination with the feedback given by actual cases, which can not only eliminate the absurd phenomenon of sky-high price bride price and promote marriage connection, but also implement China's people-oriented social atmosphere, promote family harmony and form a happy social atmosphere.


Social change, Rural bride, Sky high price, Negotiation strategies