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Construction And Design of Evaluation Model of Tourist Participation

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DOI: 10.25236/ermss.2021.011


Hongjun Fan, Xianxian Wu, Dan Cai and Fengxia Wang

Corresponding Author

Fengxia Wang


Tourist participation is a relatively subjective content. The design and construction of the evaluation index system and evaluation model of tourist participation are relatively difficult, and it is difficult to reach a completely consistent point of view and argument. This paper mainly designs and constructs the evaluation model of tourist participation from the following aspects of the construction of the theoretical model of tourist participation, the extraction of the evaluation index, the determination of the weight of the evaluation index by AHP, the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation of tourist participation, the design of the evaluation questionnaire of tourist participation and the test of the questionnaire The logical clue from determining the index weight to fuzzy comprehensive evaluation is to explore the index content and analysis results of tourist participation, so as to make a certain contribution to the accurate publicity and marketing of tourism enterprises, especially scenic spots.


Tourist Participation, Evaluation Model, Construction and Design