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Productive Protection Path of Traditional Handicrafts Under the Integration of Culture and Tourism - Taking the Weaving Skill of Shangdang Highland Lu Silk in Shanxi Province as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/ermss.2021.005


Zhengyu Cai

Corresponding Author

Zhengyu Cai


In the continuation and inheritance of civilization, regional traditional handicrafts, as the ancient wisdom of the Chinese nation, have irreplaceable cultural and spiritual status. However, in the progress and change of the times, such skill is gradually dying, and handicraft value of today's society is decreasing, facing the problem of seamless connection of public aesthetic and modern practicability, the establishment of brand image, the insufficient construction of communication channel, the utilization of cultural effective resource value development, and the difficulty of industrial chain adapting to today's economic conditions, which has become the main factor for innovation of traditional handicrafts. Productive protection through innovation and transformation is the inheritance form of traditional culture. This work explored the productive protection path of traditional handicrafts. Under the integration of culture and tourism, the weaving skill of Shangdang highland lu silk is taken as an example to in this work. Through combing its development and evolution process, and analyzing the case of Shanxi Jilier Silk Group, this work tried to explore the local knowledge carried by lu silk as a regional symbol of silk culture, which will provide ideas for the innovation and transformation of traditional handicrafts and contribute to the economic and cultural prosperity of ethnic regions.


Lu silk, Intangible cultural heritage, Traditional handicrafts, Productive protection