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Singing Analysis of Chinese National Vocal Music Works - Take "Water of the Autumn" as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/ermss.2021.003


Zhenli Jin

Corresponding Author

Zhenli Jin


As a unique form of expression of national art, national vocal music is worth inheriting and innovating. China has a wealth of national vocal music works, and different vocal music works have their own characteristics of expression. As a work adapted from Wang Wei's poem "On a mission towards the frontiers", "Water of the autumn" has deep artistic conception, which is simple and elegant, and it has melodious melody and beautiful lyrics. The ingenious interpretation of modern composition techniques and the expression of traditional folk music characteristics make it popular among people. The singing should also be based on its theme setting, artistic conception atmosphere, composition techniques and emotional expression requirements. This work mainly summarized the singing characteristics and singing skills of "Water of the Autumn", and guided its wonderful interpretation, so that the folk vocal music works can better inherit and spread.


Vocal music works, "Water of the autumn", playing skills