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The Exploration and Evaluation Model of Global Food System——"Robust"

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DOI: 10.25236/ermss.2021.002


Chuyue Zhang, Xuan Zhan, and Wenfan Xie

Corresponding Author

Chuyue Zhang


The current global food system prioritizes efficiency and profitability, so that even though it produces enough food to feed everyone in the world, large numbers of people still suffer from hunger, and the relentless pursuit of efficiency is contributing to environmental degradation. Shifting food system priorities will affect all of us. To optimize the food system and evaluation, we chose by means of conditional random sampling in 10 countries, using genetic algorithm (GA), to evaluate the stability of a food system factors into chromosomes, and then we optimize describe equity and sustainability of genetic chromosome after observations, shows the results of optimization operation and influence, and the genetic algorithm used in algebra is the realization of the corresponding changes in time. Among them, entropy weight method was used to assign weights of 12 evaluation indexes more objectively and reasonably, and the fitness function H was obtained to measure grain stability. Finally, according to our model, if the fairness and sustainability of the food system are optimized, the stability of the food system will increase. Since the benefits and costs of changing the food system priority are reflected in the changes of chromosomes, in order to explain when such changes occur, we choose to use the entropy-fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model to make a more accurate evaluation of the stability of the food system. Because the lower the stability is, the higher the possibility that the food system's priorities will change, we use the change of the high and low stability to measure the condition point where the food system may change. The difference in chromosomal variation between developed and developing countries reflects the difference in benefits and costs. We selected the United States as the representative of the developed country and China as the representative of the developing country to test the stability of the optimized food system among the 10 countries when discussing the optimization of food system, and tested the model through the gray prediction model, and the test results supported our findings. Finally, we further discuss the extensibility of the model. Because cities don't have the integrity of nations, they have a deletion of chromosomes; However, there are many countries on continents, which can easily cause chromosomal disorder. Therefore, it is easy to get pathological results when popularizing in cities and continents. Therefore, we consider to use Matlab to calculate the chromosome omission and variation first, and then calculate, so that our model has the generality.


E - Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation, E - Genetic algorithm, Grey prediction, Data visualization