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Study on Jin People's Yuefu View and New Title of Yuefu of Yuan Haowen

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2021.039


Yu Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yu Zhang


Yuefu in Jin Dynasty is an indispensable part in the history of literature, but the creation is rarely paid attention to by researcher. This article deeply restores the history of the Jin Dynasty through the historical documents. The article believes that, yuefu poetry is very popular in Jin Dynasty, Jin people have a clear concept of yuefu, influenced by it, Yuan Haowen expressed the idea that yuefu should attach importance to temperament, he named the poems new yuefu or new title yuefu, including two types: one is the new yuefu poetry, that is traditional yuefu poetry; one is the short and long sentence, both achieved high literary achievements, especially inherited Tang Dynasty tradition of new yuefu, including theme, style, communication mode, which was highly evaluated in the official history.


Jin Dynasty, Yuefu view, Yuan Haowen, New title of yuefu