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Study on separation of aluminum-plastic composites with benzene ethanol-water method

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DOI: 10.25236/icbcme.2021.030


Lulu Zhang and Qingyi Wang

Corresponding Author

Qingyi Wang


The efficient separation and recycling of aluminum-plastic composite materials in Tetra Pak was studied. Using the benzene ethanol-water mixed solution as the separating agent, the separation mechanism of aluminum and plastic was studied. Benzene ethanol-water is mixed according to a certain volume ratio, and the volume ratio of each component of the separating agent, separation temperature and other parameters are optimized. The results show: when the volume ratio of the components in the separating agent is V (benzene): V (ethanol absolute): V (water) =30:20:50, and the separation temperature is 60℃, the separation effect is the best. The total yield of plastic can reach 97%. The waste liquid treatment is simple, and the environmental pollution is little.


Aluminum-plastic composite materials, benzene-ethanol absolute-water, separating agent, mechanism analysis