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Application of Problem-based Learning on Monoclonal Antibody Preparation

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DOI: 10.25236/icbcme.2021.027


Wei Ye, Kai Wu, Mengfang Liu, Yixin Xu, Wenchao Yang

Corresponding Author

Wenchao Yang


Problem driven teaching method is a teaching method based on constructivism theory, which is student-centered, problem driven and practical ability to solve problems as the main goal, breaking the traditional mode of instilling knowledge. Constructivism theory holds that knowledge is constructed by cognitive subject through the interaction of new and old experience. This paper mainly discusses the application of problem driven teaching method in the teaching of monoclonal antibody preparation. Problem driven teaching method can promote students' thinking and expand their thinking. Driven by problems, it can mobilize students' initiative, cultivate students' thinking and innovative spirit, and train students' ability to analyze and solve problems.


Problem-based learning, Constructivist theory, Monoclonal antibody, Scientific thinking, Creative spirit