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Common Problems and Countermeasures of Deep Foundation Pit Supporting Construction in Geotechnical Engineering

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DOI: 10.25236/iccem.2021.031


Jianan Zhang, Zhongqi Sun

Corresponding Author

Jianan Zhang


With the extensive utilization of underground space, the underground construction projects are gradually increasing, and the foundation pit supporting construction is inevitable in the construction of underground projects. In the construction of deep foundation pit supporting, the actual geotechnical engineering must be considered to guide the construction of deep foundation pit supporting system and ensure the safety and reliability of deep foundation pit supporting construction. In order to reasonably avoid risks such as deformation of supporting structure and water leakage of supporting wall, on-site investigation and survey should be strengthened in the project design stage to understand the main influence of geotechnical engineering on deep foundation pit support and explore the main mechanical parameters. This work mainly discussed the construction problems of geotechnical deep foundation pit support, clarified the common problems in its construction and put forward effective solutions, so as to realize the scientific deployment and optimal control of foundation pit support construction, ensure the practical effect of deep foundation pit support, and effectively ensure the construction quality.


Geotechnical engineering, Deep foundation pit support, Construction problems, Countermeasures