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Policies and Structure of Data Governance of Chinese Government

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2021.131


Chongzhao Li, Pengli Li, Kuan Li

Corresponding Author

Chongzhao Li


In the wake of the development of information technology, data governance of government has become a heated topic in the area of public administration. This thesis will summarize the core policies of the data governance of Chinese government into six areas. According to researches, Chinese government has long been pushing forward data governance by establishing leading groups or constructing ministerial meeting system, relying on organizations like General Office of the State Council, National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. After constant adjustments and evolutions, it has formed a relatively stable data governance structure. However, due to the ambiguous roles of the various organizations, these organizations might enforce the policies differently and their jobs might overlap.


Data governance of government, e-government, structure and function, policies