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The Factors Influencing the Innovation of Unmanned Economic Business Model in the Era of Big Data

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2021.130


Yanying Shang, Junfeng Jiang

Corresponding Author

Junfeng Jiang


Combining with the related literatures and enterprise interviews, this paper constructs the identification framework of the factors of business model innovation from the perspective of value creation in the context of artificial intelligence, and proposes the value proposition. The three dimensions of value creation and value acquisition use exploratory factor analysis to extract the common factors that influence the innovation of Unmanned Economic business model. The results show that the four common factors are resource capability factor, innovation driver factor, internal and external cost factor and customer relationship factor, and the innovation of Unmanned Economic business model is influenced by these four factors. Under the new era, we should actively develop the unmanned economy, combine the traditional industry with the new business pattern of the unmanned economy, promote the upgrading of the traditional industry, and then promote the high quality development of the economy. Driven by innovative products and innovative services, mid-and high-end consumption is becoming more and more popular among the middle-income group. No economy plays a vital role. We should constantly tap into efficient markets, understand consumer needs, and develop multiple models of development. To establish more unmanned economic scenarios and models that accord with the national conditions and extend from the product to the service, so that the unmanned economy can truly meet the national conditions, help the transformation and upgrading of the industry, and better promote the national economy to high-quality development.


Unmanned economy, business model innovation, influencing factors, empirical analysis