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On the Integration of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education into EAP for Fashion Design Majors within the Context of New Liberal Arts

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2021.127


Xiuli Ge, Jingyang Gao, Zehua Zhang, Kaihua Wang

Corresponding Author

Kaihua Wang


This paper mainly discusses the reform of colleges and universities, which takes the cultivation of students’ innovation and entrepreneurship capabilities as the main task, and talks about the strategies to build an academic English teaching system for art majors based on innovation and entrepreneurship education within the context of new liberal arts. A systematic literature review was made and a survey was conducted to have a deep understanding of English teaching in most colleges and universities in China. Through conducting English teaching reform and integrating EAP with innovation and entrepreneurship education, it is proposed that such teaching reform should reflect the characteristics of practical education, combining artistic academic English with practical skills. This teaching innovation is carried out to solve problems existing in current college English teaching and build a system suitable for fashion design majors. It shows that based on the existing college English teaching courses, the application of the teaching mode needs to integrate various teaching methods, build multiple English practice teaching platforms, construct an academic English teaching system and actively build entrepreneurial practice platforms with clear levels, proper contents, and diverse forms. The academic English teaching system effectively improves students’ English ability, cultivates students’ innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, and creates a comprehensive talent cultivation model.


New liberal arts, English for academic purpose, innovation and entrepreneurship education, English teaching reform, art and design majors