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An Analysis of Teachers' Training in Vocational and Technical Education and the Cultivation of Advanced Talents

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.097


Lu Heying

Corresponding Author

Lu Heying


In the era of knowledge economy, with the development of China’s new industrialization road, the construction of new socialist countryside and innovative countries, the demand for highly-skilled personnel has been continuously improved, and a large number of highly-skilled talents with a combination of innovative awareness and practical ability have become the requirements. Higher vocational education is obliged to play its due role. The concept of multi-professional integration model fostered by compound high-tech personnel is mainly reflected in the integration and penetration of professional knowledge and the integration and expansion of the quality of talents. The multi-professional integration model for the cultivation of compound high-skilled personnel should make efforts in the orientation of training objectives, the construction of curriculum systems, the integration of practice links, the compounding of teaching energy, and the matching of teaching mechanisms.


Vocational education, compound talent, teacher training.