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Process Reengineering and Practice of Laboratory Management in Vocational Colleges Based on the Concept of Diagnosis & Improvement

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2021.118


Renzhen Meng, Juan Wu

Corresponding Author

Juan Wu


The teaching quality of experimental training courses in higher vocational education determines the quality of vocational talent development. In the era of popularization of higher education, the number of experimental training rooms has surged. Meanwhile, the imbalance between traditional management mode & management process and the rapid development of practical teaching demand has become increasingly prominent. As a result, the traditional experimental training room management force and mode cannot satisfy the needs of practical teaching resource management. Therefore, the concepts of diagnosis & improvement, institutional guarantee, and information technology emerge to provide favorable support to reengineer the business process. This paper diagnoses the problems in the traditional management mode of higher vocational colleges, analyzes the necessity and realization path of the process reengineering in the construction and teaching of experimental training rooms, and studies two potential misunderstandings that may exist in the process reengineering of experimental training room management.


Higher vocational colleges, Construction and teaching of experimental training rooms, Process reengineering, Diagnosis & improvement