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Research on the Economic Development Model of Chinese Self -Service Stores

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2021.117


Wenyi Meng

Corresponding Author

Wenyi Meng


Although China’s convenience store has existed for almost thirty years, with the development of self-service technology, and the eager for a larger market space, Chinese retail industry calls for a transform. Hence, the self-service stores appear and are now exerting an unconscious influence on the whole retail industry. This paper researches on the economic development model of Chinese self -service stores. It first introduces self-service, the self-service market and its application categories in China, and then it analyzes the development factors of China's self-service stores, including favorable external conditions, government’s support, technological advancement, and the public attention. The JD. X self-service store and the EATBOX are introduced to demonstrate the China’s self-service store model and industry chain. Finally, this paper concludes the challenges that exist during the development, which are technological flaws and the constraint of regional market and then it puts forward the future perspective of China’s self-service store development.


Self-service, Economic development, Industrial economics, Unmanned retail market, Chinese market