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Deepening Transformation Research and Performance Analysis of Higher Vocational Education Talent Cultivation Mode Guided by Expansion of Professional Engineering Quality——Taking electromechanical integration as an example

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.096


Yao Jin, Feng Jing, Yao Xuan, Chen Licheng, Ye Meilin

Corresponding Author

Yao Jin


This paper takes the current development direction of mechanical and electrical integration as a guide and points out some urgent problems in the cultivation of higher vocational education of mechatronics and puts forward several dimensions from the aspects of curriculum design, moral quality, humanistic quality cultivation and enterprise practice, and higher vocational education reform to strengthen professional continuing education, to build vocational professional quality-based vocational education training model and to form a complete set of higher vocational education personnel training, performance evaluation system and the corresponding evaluation methods.


Professional engineering quality, higher vocational education, training mode deepening transformation.