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A Comparative Study on the Selection and Cultivation of Pillar Industries in Chengdu–Chongqing Region of China

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2021.110


Qifeng Wei, Yuxue Tang, Yue Ma

Corresponding Author

Qifeng Wei


Pillar industries are the growth points of the regional economy and support the development of the regional economy. At present, China is in the middle and late stage of industrialization. The economic growth mode is shifting to high-quality development. Industrial transformation and upgrading and structural adjustment are the current priorities. Therefore, reasonable selections of pillar industries are of great significance for sustainable economic development. This paper uses the input-output method to analyze the industrial relevance indexes of forty-two industrial sectors in Chengdu–Chongqing Region, compares the selection and cultivation of pillar industries in the two places, and concludes that the convergence of pillar industries in Chengdu–Chongqing Region is not conducive to the inter-city cooperation. And the two places need to expand the third industry and strategic emerging industries, and continuously optimize the industrial structure. Based on former research results, this paper further proposes that regions should select industrial sectors that have comparative advantages in resource endowments, match the geographical environment, its carrying capacity, and the human environment, and fit the development direction of the region and city positioning as the pillar industries.


Pillar industries, Chengdu–Chongqing Region (CCR), selection and cultivation, input and output