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Design and Development of Virtual Network Optimization Platform Based on the Teaching of "Mobile Communication Network and Optimization"

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DOI: 10.25236/iccem.2021.027


Qiong Xu

Corresponding Author

Qiong Xu


In the process of mobile communication network construction, network optimization is the core and key, which can effectively improve the quality of mobile communication network, and will have a direct impact on the operation quality and construction cost of the network. Virtual machine technology can build multiple virtual computers in one computer, which meets the needs of network construction in network courses. For teachers and students who can't skillfully operate virtual machine software, it is time consuming, laborious and difficult to build the required experimental environment every time. This problem can be solved by building a general experimental platform that meets the needs of most online courses. This paper studies a virtual network optimization platform based on the teaching of "Mobile Communication Network and Optimization". Through virtualization technology, the platform can integrate various wireless network optimization software tools, which not only retains the advantages of flexible and convenient use of traditional stand-alone software tools, but also provides the requirements of centralized management, multi-mode remote access, strong scalability, hardware resource allocation as required, and high efficiency and large-scale simulation.


Mobile communication network, Optimization, Virtual network optimization platform