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Construction of Big Data Research Platform for Chinese Reading Ability of School-age Children Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/iccem.2021.026


Zhao Wang, Yongan Wang

Corresponding Author

Yongan Wang


The reading ability of school-age children has been highly concerned by many acadamic disciplines and the social public. However, with the deepening influence of the information technology revolution on social life, the research concepts and methods under the division of disciplines have been unable to cope with the increasingly complex social development trends and influencing factors, and many research directions have entered a bottleneck state. This paper sorts out and summarizes the existing results and problems of school-age children's reading ability researches, and puts forward the idea of designing an online scientific researching platform of Chinese reading ability with the help of emerging networks and new technologies. And further strengthen the communication and integration of different disciplines by obtaining more comprehensive, systematic and real-time reading ability big data samples. So as to continuously improve the research level of children's Chinese reading ability and achieve a qualitative leap.


Artificial intelligence, Reading ability, Reading development, Reading education