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Research on Information Sharing Strategy between Levels of Food Industry Supply Chain Based on Toughness Enhancement

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DOI: 10.25236/iccem.2021.025


Huang Yan, Wang Changchao

Corresponding Author

Wang Changchao


With the rapid development of information technology, the world has entered the era of information economy. The core idea of supply chain management is embodied in centralized information processing based on information sharing, so that enterprises in the supply chain can directly obtain the demand information of end users and minimize the uncertainty. Consumers' awareness of the demand for safe food and food safety risks has also been improved in a series of food safety incidents. In the information society, information has become an important resource related to the survival and development of enterprises. Under the environment of supply chain management, whether information is sufficient and whether enterprises can share information with each other is very important to the production, control and circulation of enterprises. This paper analyzes the problem of information sharing among different levels in food industry supply chain management, and discusses the level of differentiated information sharing and the implementation mechanism of information sharing. Finally, the solution of information sharing in food industry supply chain is put forward from the perspective of toughness enhancement.


Food industry, Supply chain, Information sharing, Toughness