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Practice of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Archival Management Information

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DOI: 10.25236/iccem.2021.020


Pang Xueqin

Corresponding Author

Pang Xueqin


Application of artificial intelligence technology is a trend. The purpose of research is to truly update traditional archival management means, which makes labor intelligence technology to have a close combination of archive management work, enhance productivity, and reduce error rate. Comprehensive use of literature review, a comprehensive investigation of academic theory and detailed cases, learned about the specific research of domestic intelligence technology in China. The specific concepts of artificial intelligence technology and archive management technologies are proposed, indicating the necessity of artificial intelligence technology in archival management informationization. Finally, from the perspective of system intelligent identification technology, fingerprint iris recognition technology, network platform sharing technology, intelligent retrieval technology, etc., the application strategy of artificial intelligence technology in archives management information is analyzed.


Archive management, Information, Artificial intelligence technology, Security, Network