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Process Comparison and Stress Snalysis of V-Shaped Structure of Continuous Girder Bridge in Construction Stage

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DOI: 10.25236/iccem.2021.017


Guo Xin-ze

Corresponding Author

Guo Xin-ze


Based on the first steel-concrete hybrid continuous beam bridge with V-shaped structure in China, this paper studies the construction technology and stress of V-shaped structure. The results show that: (1) Considering the construction period, construction difficulty, weather and other factors, the optimal construction technology of the V-shaped structure of the bridge is joint construction of cable and framing; (2) The stress characteristics of the V-shaped structure are analyzed by using the general finite element program ABAQUS. Under the most unfavorable conditions, the lower chord of the V-shaped structure is under overall compression and the upper chord is under overall tension. The maximum tensile stress is 2.2 MPa located at the top of the column, and the maximum compressive stress is 5 MPa located in the web at the root of the lower chord; (3) Reducing the number of large and small mileage temporary cables from 7 to 4, and increase the initial tension from 3000 kN to 5000 kN, so as to optimize the construction measures.


V-shaped structure, Construction technology, Numerical simulation, Stress analysis