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Newly Integrated Development of Aptamer and Artificial Cell Histamine Detection System

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DOI: 10.25236/iccem.2021.016


Ruizeng Wang

Corresponding Author

Ruizeng Wang


In order to develop a more comprehensive and efficient bio-system for histamine detection and treatment, several gene pieces like CCD4, LacZ, and rDAO inserted into the artificial cell to construct the ability of histamine detection and degradation. The artificial cell had an obvious drawback that it could not detect the concentration of histamine. As for more sensitive and accurate detection, this work has improved the original system by adding aptamer. The advantages of aptamer-better ability of targeting-resulted in gaining the ability to detect the exact histamine concentration as well as the changes in histamine concentration. With aptamer added, this program succeeded in testing histamine concentration more sensitively than the forgone one on a slope about 0.147 (linear fitting) for the whole process.


Aptamer, Artificial cell, Histamine detection, Histamine treatment