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Research and Application of Adjustable Load Measurement Technology Based on Blockchain

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DOI: 10.25236/iccem.2021.014


Haomiao Wang, Tianbo Wang, Shuang Yang

Corresponding Author

Haomiao Wang


In order to promote the synergistic interaction between source network and storage, and enhance the load control capability, the adjustable load measurement technology based on blockchain has become the focus of research at home and abroad. This paper reviews the current research status of block chain technology and its application in declaration and issuance, market supervision, market settlement, load measurement, enhancing mutual trust of market transactions and information security. Distributed ledger from block chain under containerized edge service engine, improved directed and acyclic chart distributed ledger structure and adjustable load execution score three based on distributed ledger data. In this respect, the key and difficult points of technology are summarized. Combined with the current situation of power development demand, power market, electricity price mode, demand response, the possible problems and development trend of adjustable load measurement technology based on block chain are discussed in detail.


Application, Adjustable load measurement technology, Blockchain