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Internet of Things Technology and Its Application in Agricultural Production

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DOI: 10.25236/iccem.2021.009



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The openness and mutual integration of Internet of things technology enable it to realize all kinds of accurate information management through sensors, data transmission network and data integration operation. Due to the comprehensive nature of the Internet of things technology, it is more and more widely used in agricultural production. By adapting the technology of different fields of Internet of things “end”, “management” and “cloud” to agricultural production, we can give full play to the characteristics of information technology, realize the monitoring and automatic management of all aspects of agricultural production, so as to achieve more accurate production regulation and create the best agricultural and forestry environment. In the process of modern agricultural production and irrigation, the information collection means are relatively backward, the technical system is not perfect, resulting in low efficiency of information collection, incomplete data, lack of basis for analysis and decision-making, resulting in the failure of fine management and other problems, Analysis of agricultural environment temperature, light, air quality, soil water potential, leaf water potential and other data, form irrigation requirements, realize automatic irrigation application, so as to achieve the modern agricultural production concept of precision drip irrigation and green energy saving.


Internet of things technology, Agricultural production, Application research