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Fuzzy Optimization Method of Mechanical Engineering under the Background of Mechatronics

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DOI: 10.25236/iccem.2021.004


Ansong Qin, Zhiyuan Yan, Jun WANG, Xiaojun Huang, Linjun Jian

Corresponding Author

Ansong Qin


At first, the application of mechatronics was widely used in automobile field, and then, with the gradual maturity of technology, it was popularized and applied in the field of construction machinery. The fuzziness method is applied to deal with various fuzziness phenomena and influencing factors objectively existing in the field of mechanical engineering, which makes the engineering design, manufacturing and production management more realistic, reasonable and scientific. In this paper, the structural optimization model of mechanical engineering is established by combining fuzzy mathematics theory with finite element method. In the optimization process, an improved horizontal cut set method is used to consider the influence of fuzzy constraints. By defining membership functions, the problem is transformed into a clear ordinary optimization problem and solved by the improved algorithm, so as to improve the accuracy and reliability of the solution.


Electromechanical integration, Mechanical engineering, Fuzzy optimization