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Research on Business Model of Large-scale Retail Enterprises under E-commerce Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.093


Di Cao

Corresponding Author

Di Cao


This paper firstly analyzes the core documents of the business model, combs out the existing business model research, and constructs the conceptual framework of the business model. Then, on the basis of this framework, three large retail enterprises, Suning Appliance, Shanghai No. 1 Foods and Haishu Home, will be the case companies. Through the analysis of the content of the three business model elements, the relationship between elements and the design theme of the models, and comparison of the similarities and differences of their business models, the following conclusions of this paper can be drawn. The business model is a theoretical significance. Under the business environment, according to the proportion of online and offline business, it can be divided into online and offline combined mode, offline-based mode, and online-based mode. The resources and capabilities of the business model elements can be included in each other. The process of model value creation is to first present the value proposition to the customer, state the value of the customer, influence the resource capabilities of the retail business model, the composition and specific content of the value network and the profit model through the value proposition, and the value network and the resource capacity cooperate, then create value for customers, and at the same time profit model as a value acquisition mechanism, and ultimately create value for the enterprise itself. Value network fills the gap of enterprise resource capabilities. Customer value of retail business model comes from customer efficiency, customer benefit and customer experience in terms of transaction costs, and improves operational efficiency and operational effectiveness.


E-commerce, large-scale retail enterprise, economy effect.