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Application of Well-Seismic Combined Fault Recognition Technology in Oil Field Development

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DOI: 10.25236/iccem.2021.002


Zheng Yanru

Corresponding Author

Zheng Yanru


The advantage of fault identification by logging curves is high vertical resolution and can determine the location of the breakpoint of the well. The disadvantage is that the breakpoints on the surface can not be identified. The advantage of seismic interpretation is that it can identify points on the surface, and has high lateral resolution, while the disadvantage is low vertical resolution. Combining the two methods to identify faults is more real and reliable. In this paper, by well-seismic combined faults, the phenomena in oilfield development are explained,the injection-production relationship of target formation is initially established to guide the adjustment, and the measures to improve injection-production capacity are optimized.


Break Point, Logging Curve, Seismic Cross-section, Oilfield Development