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Research on the Modeling and Control of Intake System of Turbocharged Gasoline Engine

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DOI: 10.25236/iccem.2021.001


Xiangling Liu, Zhengwu Liu

Corresponding Author

Xiangling Liu


While the rapid development of the automobile industry has brought great convenience to people's lives, it has also made energy scarcity and environmental pollution one of the great challenges that mankind has to face. In order to achieve the goal of low emissions and low energy consumption, automotive engineers and scholars have proposed many new technologies to improve the performance of automotive engines. Gasoline engine turbocharging technology can effectively increase the power of a car engine with the same displacement, and relatively low fuel consumption, so it has been widely used in automotive products. This paper takes turbocharged gasoline engine as the research object, and studies the modeling and control of turbocharged gasoline engine intake system.


Modeling, Control, Intake system, Turbocharged gasoline engine