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Analysis of the relationship between soil microbial ecological characteristics and soil physical and chemical properties based on molecular technology

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DOI: 10.25236/icbcme.2021.025


Mingjuan Bi, Yingying Cui, Tiantian Chen, Fushan Zheng

Corresponding Author

Fushan Zheng


Taking different soil samples of natural secondary forests in the study areas as research materials, the quantitative characteristics of microorganisms and their correlation with soil physical and chemical parameters were studied by using high-throughput sequencing in molecular technology. The results showed that the affect of slope aspect on soil microbial characteristics was complicated. The activity of rhizosphere microorganisms on the sunny slope is stronger than that on the other two slopes. According to the characteristics of soil chemical properties and microbial biomass, the non-rhizosphere soil microorganisms on the shady slope are more abundant and active. The content of total carbon and total nitrogen in soil sample II was significantly higher than that in soil sample I; Soil pH value, total carbon, total nitrogen and available nitrogen are the main factors affecting the differences of soil bacterial community structure in Quercus mongolica forest in this area, while soil pH value and total carbon content are the main controlling factors affecting the differences of fungal community structure in natural secondary forest in this area.


Molecular technology, Soil microorganism, Physical and chemical properties of soil