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Overexpression of Vvcyp86a1 Improves Salt Tolerance in Arabidopsis Thaliana during Germination and Seedling Stages

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DOI: 10.25236/icbcme.2021.022


Xuenan Zhang, Yao Ge, Xue Yang, Yan Ma, Lingmin Dai, Xinjie Zhao, Ning Han and Zhen Yang

Corresponding Author

Zhen Yang


Grape (vitis vinifera L.) is a fruit tree which is considered to be a horticultural crop of major economic importance. The salt tolerance of grape is relatively high. Suberin in grape roots play important roles in salt stress response of grape. CYP86A1 plays a crucial role in the ω-hydroxylation of fatty acids, which are considered to be the main components of aliphatic domains. While, the function and the regulatory mechanism of CYP86A1 in response to salt stress in grape was not revealed. In the present study, VvCYP86A1 was isolated from vitis vinifera L. The expression of VvCYP86A1 was significantly inducued by salt stress, particularly in roots. Overexpression of VvCYP86A1 increased the tolerance to salt stress in Arabidopsis during both germination stage and seedling stage. The improvement in salt tolerance was the result of the combined contributions of multiple mechanisms including accumulating osmotic regulating substances and maintaining membrane stability.


Vvcyp86a1, Suberin lamellae, Salt stress, Vitis vinifera l, Salt tolerance