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Emergency Treatment Strategy and Effect Analysis of Patients with Respiratory Failure in Slow Resistant Pulmonary Acute Aggravatio

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DOI: 10.25236/icbcme.2021.018


Chen Shaoying, Chen Guibin, Zhong Zhicheng, Jiang Min, Peng Rongjie, Yan Ping

Corresponding Author

Yan Ping


Objective: To investigate the emergency treatment strategy and effect of patients with respiratory failure in patients with slow resistance. method: Test Choose January - January 2019, the slow resistance of patients in our hospital was incurred and 126 patients with respiratory failure, which was randomly divided into control group (n = 63) and observation group (n = 63) . The control group used conventional treatment, and the observation group increased non-invasive positive pressure ventilation on the basis of conventional treatment. Comparative study on the occurrence of therapeutic effects and adverse reactions in the two groups of patients. RESULTS: After the treatment of two groups, patients with observation group were 92.06% higher than 69.84% (P <0.05), and the incidence of adverse reactions in patients with observation group was 11.1% lower than the control group 33.33% (P <0.05) The difference between the two groups of results is statistically significant. Conclusion: Patients with respiratory failure in patients with chronic resistance pulse, the clinical application effect is remarkable, and the patient's treatment effect can be improved, and the occurrence of adverse reactions is worth promoting.


Slow resistance lung, Acute aggressive respiratory failure, Emergency, Treatment strategy, Non-invasive positive pressure ventilation