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Optimal Design of Cultivation Factors for Purple Pepper

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DOI: 10.25236/icbcme.2021.017


Yonglan Zhang, Lili Dong, Tingting Gao, Lihua Luo

Corresponding Author

Yonglan Zhang


China's pepper breeding has a long history, and through a long time of efforts in the quality and yield of the effect is very obvious. At present, China's pepper planting resources are moving forward in the direction of high quality, variety and abundance. In recent years, improved varieties of pepper have been innovating, so how to choose their varieties and improve the yield of pepper according to local conditions has always been the concern of vegetable farmers. The factor that has the greatest influence on the yield of pepper is the cultivation factor, and the basic unit that has the most important influence on the growth and development of pepper is photosynthesis, which is also the key index for rational screening of the cultivation factors of pepper. Specific research on different cultivation factors can improve the productivity and quality of pepper.


Purple pepper, Growth and development, Cultivation factor, Yield: quality, Photosynthetic indicators