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Deodorization of Malodorous Gases in Garbage Source: a Short Review

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DOI: 10.25236/icbcme.2021.014


Jing Zhang, Huanzheng Du

Corresponding Author

Jing Zhang


As the population increases and the process of urbanization continues to accelerate, the amount of domestic waste produced has shown a rapid growth in the past 30 years, and the resulting odor pollution has also brought adverse effects about human physical and mental health and daily life. The odor pollution caused by domestic garbage has a wide range of sources, from the front-end residential areas, shopping malls, schools to the middle-end clearing vehicles, transfer stations, and end landfills, kitchen waste treatment plants and other places. The various types of odor-causing factors have promptednew approaches for the cost-effective and environmentally benign treatment of odor gas. This paper seeks to review the published research on the development and applications of waste malodorous gas treatment technology at home and abroad in recent years from biological, physical and chemical methods. It is obvious that the selection of deodorization technologies is conditioned by many factors, and it should be preceded by an in-depth analysis of possibilities and limitations offered by various solutions with reasonable design and combined process.


Domestic garbage, Odor pollution, Deodorization methods